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Your dog's health and safetly are our first priority during their stay, activities, and provided services. 

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The following are some of the more common health and safety concerns when any dog is in any social environment with other dogs.  These environments are not just limited to a facilty, but anywhere another dog has been (pet shop, dog park, training facility, sidewalk, and even the Vet office). We want you to know that we put your pups safety first at WAGGING LOUNGE DOG RESORT.  The following general health information is provided for the benefit of our Parents. Please note that we are NOT a Veterinarian and are providing general information for the benefit of our customers. Parent's should ALWAYS consult with a Veterinarian for all health and well-being matters for their dog. The following are some important things to discuss with your veterinarian before coming into the facility for Daycare, Boarding, and other Services for your dog. If you have more questions about the information below, please talk to your Veterinarian.

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always consult a veterinarian


Just as humans get colds, so do dogs. In dogs, we usually call these “colds” or coughs “Canine Cough” or “Kennel Cough”. Canine Cough or Kennel Cough are common names for tracheobronchitis, a contagious upper-respiratory condition caused by the Bordetella virus, adenovirus, or parainfluenza virus.

Although we require that all dogs that come to WAGGING LOUNGE DOG RESORT are current on their Bordetella vaccinations. Much like a human flu vaccine, this vaccine does not protect against every strain of these types of infections.  If your veterinarian states that your dog’s Bordetella vaccine is valid for a 12-month period, we are fine with that. However, we recommend Bordetella vaccines every 6 months for better protection.


The main symptoms that dogs get are a cough, runny nose and sometimes sneezing. The symptoms of Canine Cough typically last from a few days to several weeks. Although they do not usually develop into anything more serious, if your dog does present with symptoms, we do recommend that they see a veterinarian since they can be more susceptible to secondary illnesses and antibiotics may be necessary.


WAGGING LOUNGE DOG RESORT does require the Bordetella vaccine for all dogs that stay with us. But the vaccine, like a flu vaccine for people, does not prevent all strains of potential upper respiratory issues. So just as an elementary school cannot prevent colds, WLDR cannot prevent Canine Cough. Dogs can be contagious for several days before their symptoms become present making it impossible to identify a dog that may be contagious. However, there are things that we do to minimize the frequency and the spread of it.

We use safe and biodegradable cleaners made specifically for kennels and veterinary hospitals. We clean and disinfect each run every morning. The floors and walls of the play areas are continually wiped and mopped during the day. A full cleaning of the play areas is completed each night, regardless of how many dogs have visited. Canine Cough is airborne so cleaning will not prevent it, but it does help.

If a dog is showing symptoms, we have areas where they can be separated from other dogs until they can be picked up by their owners. If your dog is coughing or showing other symptoms, for the safety of your dog and others, please do not bring them to the facility until they are well again and have not shown symptoms for several days.

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A Happy dog is a healthy dog!

Below is a small list of general resources for more information concerning the health, safety, and well-being of your dog. Please always consult your Veterinarian.