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A group of dogs standing on top of a green carpet.
A brown dog with a collar on sitting in front of a wall.
A dog laying on the ground with his head down.
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Testimonials by Happy Pet Parents

This place is wonderful, like a fancy hotel for dogs as the name suggests. I have never seen such a beautiful place for dogs to stay and have fun. Highly recommend Wagging Lounge and can't wait until Clyde has another play date.

- Janet A., Clyde's Pet Parent

Wagging Lounge Dog Resort is top notch! They take great care of our fur-babies, past and present. Penny feels very comfortable with them and I know she's in great hands.

- Patti W., Penny's Pet Parent

What's not to love? The establishment and staff are superb! Awesome place for your pooch to play and stay. Thank you, Wagging Lounge Dog Resort!

- John A., Sam's Pet Parent

Wagging Lounge is the best!! They care about each dog. They care about our Ruby (and other dogs) like they are their dogs!! She's gone there since she was a puppy. She comes home happy, tired, and well cared for. 

- Danielle K., Ruby's Pet Parent

I’m not sure who loves the Wagging Lounge team more- me or my dogs! My two (large dogs) always have a great time. The team is very attentive, knows the dogs by name, and gets to know their hoomans too. Also, the Wagging Lounge team offers teeth cleaning, nail trim, ear cleaning, and other spa services. They truly make my life so much easier! Thank you Wagging Lounge team!

- Raven C., Pet Parent

Maizie, our almost 1-year-old Mini Aussie Doodle has been going there for both boarding and daycare. She loves it there and we are happy with the staff and location!

- Patricia S., Maizie's Pet Parent

Today Bleu had his evaluation. This is the first time he has come back this happy from any doggy daycare. From the initial booking to the delivered report card, the staff was upbeat, hospitable & energetic. We definitely are going to be repeat clients!

- Abeni., Bleu's Pet Parent