A collage of many different people and animals.
A collage of many different people and animals.

Who's Loving the Doggos?

Meet our Team! We've got a top-notch team with staff who know dogs... specifically your dogs! Did you know? Our Lead Team is required to become Pet CPR & First Aid certified. Our Team is also versed in dog handling, dog body language, and pack behavior. This helps ensure our Pack Leaders know how to handle any situations that may arise. We are proud to be surrounded by a team of dedicated dog lovers, some of whom have been with us for many years.

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The Wonderful Faces Of The Wagging Lounge Team!

We've got a knowledgeable Pawtastic Crew behind the scenes loving and caring for your puppers. Our Lead Team places the greatest emphasis on the safety and care of the dogs in our care. They are also responsible for the training and care of our general staff. Here are many of the faces that are leading the Staff Team, making sure every guest is having a fun and safe time at WAGGING LOUNGE DOG RESORT. All Lead Team staff are Pet CPR, First Aid, and WL Care Certified and have also completed our Dog Guru and Fetchfind-based education for training. Please let us know how we can assist you, so you and your pup have a worry-free stay.

A man and his dog taking a selfie
Kate - Facility Manager
A woman holding a dog in her arms.
Rachel - Assistant Manager
A woman in pink hoodie kissing a brown dog.
Amanda - Assistant Manager
A person holding a dog in their arms
Alana - Lead
A woman holding her dog in front of stairs.
Maddie - Lead
Mary - Lead
A woman holding onto her cat outside
Sara Dean - Lead
A woman sitting on the ground with two dogs.
Dani - Lead
A man holding a dog in his arms.
Vince - Lead
A girl is petting a dog on the head.
Melody - Lead
A man standing in front of many dogs.
Anthony - Jr. Lead
Antonia - Jr. Lead
Liam - Jr. Lead
Anya - Jr. Lead